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X Press Mailbox Cityline

Today we are pleased to announce that the X Press Mailbox was featured on Cityline on CityTV. The episode was fantastic and it showcased our product beautifully. We would like to thank Yanic Simard for the wonderful inclusion of our product to the contemporary house facelift on this morning’s episode. Please follow the link below to view the full segment featuring our Mailbox on Cityline: X Press Mailbox on Cityline

If you missed this morning’s full episode on CityTV you will be able to watch it this afternoon at 3pm.

Decorpro has combined steel and glass into a beautiful functional X Press mailbox. Designed for ease of use for you and the postman. This mailbox has a clear window to see if mail has arrived. As well, it has an extra large overhang to keep the daily newspaper dry. Made of steel and 8 mm thick piece of glass. This mailbox will be a great addition to your home for many years to come.

X Press Screens are seasonal screens used to cover up the glass on the X Press Mailboxes for privacy. There is one screen for each season. It is a great way to add a touch of personality to your home. Printed on styrene, UV and Water resistant.


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