store partners

Retail Spotlight. No One Has, “So we did!”

Simply put “Our Retailers are wonderful“, let us show you why!

This soon to be launched section has been created to showcase our wonderful Retail Partners, allowing them to sing their song, toot their horn or just simply show you and the world why and what they are doing to be different/cool and unique in this new world of selling cutting edge products.

“Yes” they might sell product but in this blog its not just about us this time, It’s about the Retailers and what they have that’s unique/incredible/cool or simple and what they do differently from their competitors –  we want to showcase them for a change.

At Develpro we are truly out of the box thinkers, we have thousands of followers through the huge Blogging community/Twitter/Facebook and other crowd sourcing vehicles.

Our followers want to know what we are doing next and who we are doing it with, so don’t miss out! If you think your a great Retailer we want to help you show and tell the world why here.

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