Organica Fuel Arrives at Decorpro

Today Decorpro proudly opens its doors to customers for pre ordering the Organica BioFire Safety Fuel. In a word, this fuel is simply amazing.
Organica is said to be the world’s safest fuel. This is because it takes three separate elements to create a flame. Organica uses a liquid and an absorbent medium thus creating the needed conditions for a safe and enjoyable fire. These two elements on their own are completely non flammable, but when combined, the physical properties of the substances change. Once you add the third element, fire, the fuel will ignite with total safety and control.

Organica is the only liquid fuel that can be poured directly into the open flame without hesitation or danger. Because the medium that organic uses is so absorbent, the liquid will not spill out, even if knocked, or tilted. However, in the unlikely event that some of the Organica should spill, the flame will go out because it cannot burn without the supporting medium, as it’s a catalyst.

Did we mention that it burns clean? Meaning it is also safe for indoor use. Organica is a nonhazardous, non-flammable, non-volatile biofuel with a very low toxicity rating. It is a by-product of advanced biomass technology.

This Fuel will forever change the how we use fire pots. Watch the demo…Organica Fuel

Organica is now available for preorder through the Decorpro website.

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