Karacell For Vintages

During our most recent Friday design discussions, Harman Gill pointed out a clever secondary use for our Karacell/Taurus holder.

After critically evaluating one of his designs during a presentation he pointed out that similar to his concept, the Karacell could potentially be used to hold something else. Our team instantly jumped to the conclusion that “something else” could easily be a bottle. Within seconds our design manager was off to the kitchen in search of an empty wine bottle. Upon his return the painted cup was removed and the bottle was lain across the arms. It fit beautifully.

After a bit of discussion it became obvious that this holder could easily lend itself to holding a wide variety of shapes and sizes, not specifically limiting it to a simple wine holder.
From this stroke of collaborative genius we decided to create an entirely new product. “Vintages” the newest product by Decorpro came to fruition.

“Vintages” is simply the base of the Karacell/Taurus stripped of the Cup and Snuffer accessories. This allows the product to be as cost effective as possible. If you decide you would like to convert it into a firepot/fireburner, simply purchase the Chrome or Painted cup separately and attach it to the arms.

Vintages joins our wine collection as the third bottle holder in the Decorpro collection.Vino, designed by Mitch harder and Echo designed by Harman Gill and Jeff Pinard are two more gorgeous that are also included in this series.

D50301-VINO Wine Holder-Designed by Mitch Harder BACK TO BACK

D50301-VINO-designed by Mitch Harder BACK TO BACK by Decorpro






This is just another great example of how Decorpro is constantly trying to provide the most value for the products we design.

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