Ingenious Egg

They say that the Egg is Natures perfect design. Today we are featuring an article about an ingenious idea to cook that design perfectly! We stumbled across this series of steps while looking for design inspiration. Have a look..
















For those of you you are struggling with the low resolution of image, allow me to explain. Cut onion, use onion ring to hold egg whilst being fried. Amazing!

I think this idea, as simple as it is, it can actually teach us a valuable lesson. The solution to any problem may already exist in far simpler form, it is just a matter of finding it. This is an example of the same concept, but we can now see that it is a waste of resources…

This is an immense amount of material, Design time, manufacturing time, shipping weight, packaging and space, for something that a simple piece of cut onion can do… And add an extra point to the onion for flavor.

I had another thought about recycling and pollution and the environment, but I think you get the point.

Here at Decorpro we are always trying to follow the principal that our products should not only be multifunctional, but also should never be overkill design, like our cast iron onion replacement friend here.

The perfect example of this is our Mounting Bracket. It is an extremely simple design that works with a variety of our products. It lets you mount our Cell Micros to a standard 4X4 post, it holds up our Mirage Tea Lights and lets you mount any one of our Torches to virtually anything. The mounting bracket is the onion to our eggs and never gets enough credit.

So remember creative solutions are often the best…


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