How do I install my Decorpro Torch?


There are three ways to install a Decorpro Torch. To determine the best method of installing your torch you will have to consider the environment that it will be placed. Are you mounting it in a garden? On a Stone or Concrete Patio? On a Deck? The options are endless use the reference images below to determine the most suitable installation method.

How to mount a Decorpro Torch without a Base

How to mount a Decorpro Torch in soil

Placing the torch in the ground like a Spike is the easiest method and works great in Gardens, along walkways, and in any grass area.



Installing your torch with a Mounting Bracket is the ideal way to mount your torch to any wooden dock or deck. The small footprint can be fastened to the floor creating a very safe, secure and sturdy way to display your torch in these popular areas for entertaining.





Possibly the most versatile for your Torch is to



use a base. This free standing unit offers a moveable solution for using your torch. There is nothing attaching your torch to the ground so it can be moved from one area to another as you please.



Why does the inside of my Chrome Cup show signs of discolouration?


The Chrome Cup might show signs of internal discolouration (only) due to the fact the cups are heat treated not to have the chrome finish be effected by the heat of the fuel when burning.

Conclusion: Yes, it's perfectly normal and when the fuel can or plant is inserted inside of the Chrome Cup is never seen anyway.

Organica fuel Information Sheet & Anticipated Questions and Answers



The World's First Safe Fuel Alternative! Organica fireplace fuel is manufactured in the USA / Organica has patents applied for / Organica is a liquid slightly thicker than water / Organica is a byproduct of advanced biofuel technology / Organica is competitively priced and delivers higher yield of performance than gel products / Fuel cans are fitted with a proprietary media insert to utilize Organica fuel / The media insert within the can (supplied) renders the burner spill proof and assures a long and consistent burn rate / Organica will burn up to 1 1/2 times longer than the same quantity of regular gel fuel / The Organica flame burns with hues of blue, orange and yellow / An accidental Organica fire is extinguished using water, water spray, dry chemical, foam or CO2 / ECOFuel has been tested by Southwest Research Labs, Precision Analytical Labs, Natick Labs (US Military) / ECOFuel technology was recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a finalist in the 2002 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards / ECOFuel Organica products have been certified by the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) as 100% Bio-based / ECOFuel Organica products are listed on the Federally mandated BioPreferred Purchase Program / ECOFuel Organica is classified as Non-flammable with a flash point of 265 degrees F. Organica is safe for air transport and offers a two year shelf life / ECOFuel Organica has the lowest emissions of any type of fuel. Gels average 235ppm. Organica average 45ppm. This makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor use.


1. Q: How much should the wick stick out of the media? A: About 1/4" (6mm)

2. Q: How long will the media last within the can? A: 15 to 20 burns, possibly more if not exposed to rain or dust.

3. Q: How much Organica should I put in the can? A: Fill the space from the media to the top of the cans inner lip, let it absorb and fill it again. Let it absorb and light the wick.

4. Q: When can I refuel my burn can? A: Look carefully into the burn can to make sure the flame is out. Although Organica burns close to the top of the cup, the flame is difficult to see in sunlight. Allow the cup to cool for 15 minutes before refueling.

5. Q: When I use Organica indoors will I be bothered by emissions? A: Organica has the lowest emissions of any fuel, 45ppm (parts per million) compared to 235ppm for alcohol/ethanol fuels. This makes Organica safe for both indoor and outdoor use. It is always advisable when burning any material to have adequate ventilation. You will notice wisps of smoke at the end of the burn. This is your signal to snuff the fire out.

6. Q: How does a non-flammable liquid like Organica burn? A: All materials burn (support combustion). The question is at what temperature? The US Municipal Fire Code (MUFC) determines any material that has a flash point 160F (70C) or above is classified non-flammable. Under the Workplace Hazardous materials Information System, WHMIS, flammable liquids have a flashpoint below 37.8F (100F). Organica's flash point is 130C (265F), which is much safer than alcohol/ethanol fuels that have flashpoints as low as 12C (53F).

7. Q: Where should I store my Organica fuel? A: There are no restrictions or special requirements for Organica. Organica is nonhazardous and needs only relatively cool, dry storage and tightly capped bottles.

8. Q: Should I be concerned about my children or pets accidentally consuming Organica? A: Organica has a very low toxicity rating, however; if this should happen, follow directions on the bottle. It is always advisable to keep Organica stored away from children and pets.

9. Q: How do I extinguish an accidental Organica fire? A: Use a spray, damp cotton towel, or a dry chemical, foam or CO2 extinguisher.

10. Q: Is Organica competitively priced? A: Yes, Organica will burn up to 1 1/2 times longer than the same quantity of alcohol/ethanol fuels. Then consider the excellent safety margins in flash point, emission, toxicity and storage. PRICELESS!

11. Q: How does kosher certification apply to Organica? A: The Orthodox Union has strict requirements to meet OU certification. Organica is considered a natural form meeting the criteria of purity, quality and certain processes in manufacturing. Organica has received OU Kosher certification.

12. Q: Has Organica been tested? A: ECOFuel has been tested by the top independent environmental test laboratories in the United States that work with the USEPA,  the USDA and other government agencies. This positions ECOFuel products in a class of their own as the only canned fuel with government recognition and certification. ECOFuel technology was a finalist in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 2002 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. Seven ECOFuel Organica products have been certified by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as 100% biobased.

It's official the fuel of the future is here!

What should I know about fuel and its safe operation?


Decorpro Fireburners: Please read this FAQ thoroughly and follow the instructions contained exactly in order to ensure safe handling of your new Decorpro Fireburner. Any kind of modifications of a Decorpro Fireburner is strictly prohibited. Any any all regulations are to be adhered to.

Intended Use: All Decorpro Firebuners have been developed for indoor and outdoor use (with the exception of LEVEL / LEVEL Compact / VERTIKAL / VERTIKAL Micro / PODIUM which are to be used indoors only). Any other use of the product(s) will be at the owners risk.

Safety Instructions: Do not use any product(s) before thoroughly reading the operating instructions / installation guide(s). Always place on a safe and even surface that ensures that the item cannot be pushed over or struck. Ensure sufficient ventilation inside the room while operating. Products are not toys and must not be used by individuals under the age of 16. When using the Fireburners, please always be aware of the fact that you are in contact with an open flame, which requires careful and responsible handling. Never mix the fuel with other fuels. Do not blow into the flame or try to blow out the fire. Always follow the operating instructions contained on the label of the fuel. We advise any and all individuals with respiratory problems not to stay in rooms in which the Decorpro Fireburners are operational. Never leave a fire unattended! Never leave children unsupervised while Decorpro Fireburners are in operation.

How To Use: Your Fireburner contains a removable CUP (with hole in bottom) or fuel tin reservoir. The CUP (with hole in bottom) or fuel tin reservoir is designed to ONLY accept one 3-3/8"Dia x 4"H fuel tin. Incase you have spilt fuel and you cannot access the place of the spilt fuel, wait until the fuel outside the tin has been entirely cleaned up and no fuel residues are no longer present before you light the fuel. Ensure fuel and Fireburner product are well secured before lighting.

Igniting The Fire: Check that the fuel source has been inserted correctly. For lighting the fuel, we recommend that you always use a bar lighter (utility lighter). Depending on the fuel's temperature, it may take some time before the flame will reach its full height. Under certain circumstances, the fuel might not inflame itself immediately; therefore, please be extremely careful during further ignition attempts.

IMPORTANT: Never refill a Sunjel Fuel container tin. Do not smoke while you insert the fuel container. Always keep enough distance during ignition. Some components of the Fireburner are made of metal and/or glass. After igniting the fuel, these elements can build up high temperatures. If the fuel spills out of the fuel canister tin put out the fire with a fire blanket or extinguisher - NEVER USE WATER -. Only use compatible Organica BioFire Safety Fuel or Sunjel fuel.

Extinguishing The Fire: Never blow into the flame or try to blow out the fire. To extinguish the fire, carefully place the "SNUFFER or extinguishing lid" on the opening of the fuel container. Hold the "SNUFFER" on the upper part of its handle and slowly place the round disk over the top of the burning fuel container until fully extinguished. CAUTION: The fuel container is very hot and you can easily burn yourself on the flame! We recommend that you use a heatproof glove or similar item for this. Placing the lid on top of the fuel container will interrupt the oxygen supply, and the flame will die down.

Fuel: The fuel is a flammable product. Keep the packaging away from the open flames, heat and ignition sources. Always store the fuel in a dark, dry and cool place. Never expose it to external heat sources. Keep it out of reach of children. Do not ingest. In case of ingestion, immediately contact a physician or the poison centre.

It's official the fuel of the future is here!

Why is there a hole in the bottom of the Cups?


Both the Chrome and Painted Cups have a hole in the bottom for important 3 reasons.

1- When using the Fireburner products outside this hole allows the rain water not to collect and keeps the Cup free from rain water collection.

2- When using a Fuel Canister / Pillar Candle or 4" potted plant the hole allows the user to remove the inserted item easier by using their finger from the bottom and pushing the item up. (Never remove the Fuel Canister while its burning or still hot to the touch)

3- The hole was most importantly designed to stop users from filling the Chrome and/or Painted Cup from being filled with fuel directly without the use of a specifically designed Fuel Canister.

Do all the “Fire Burners” come with a snuffer?


Yes!,  All of our "Fire Burners" products come with a SNUFFER so that you don't have to look for a way to put out the fire when you are finished enjoying the wonderfull mood the products create.

At the top end of the snuffer is a Gel Can opener for your convienience.

Does Decorpro accept Credit Card?


Yes, of course. For your utmost security we process all of our online sales through PayPal. If you are not a PalPal member, well no problem, just select the "Don't have a PayPal account?" tab after checkout and proceed using one of the other selected payments.

Could there be any additional shipping cost to me?


Cross border and/or International Orders - Please Note*

Items being shipped outside Canada will be subject to import duties and taxes as imposed by the country the product is being imported to. The customer (the person importing the product) is responsible to pay the import duties and taxes incurred by customs when the product reaches the country of destination. Develpro Inc. is not responsible for any duties or taxes incurred by the importation of products into countries other than the Canadian Community.

The customer is responsible to pay all duties and taxes as billed by the courier and imposed by the customs and import department of their respective country. Develpro Inc. is also required by law, to declare full value (purchase price) of the product on any waybills or customs documentation. We cannot declare a lower value on your package than the purchase price that you paid.

Thank you for understanding.

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