Decorpro Welcomes CSA’s

Decorpro is constantly growing and shifting to achieve the best possible results for our fans and customers. We recently decided to launch a new program on our website that allows an individual to become a Certified Sales Associate (CSA). The idea behind the CSA program is to give experienced people with knowledge of our products the opportunity to sell our Decorpro line without having to have a store front. We noticed that we have a lot of interest from very talented people to sell these products, but they didn’t have the means to have a physical store to hold inventory and show off the entire catalog. So we took it upon ourselves as a design challenge to solve this problem.

The result was something we had not anticipated. We had initially created a store locator map that would keep track of our retail stores; we quickly realized that we could adapt this map to include the individuals who wanted to help sell our products. So began the CSA  program. Once qualified, we provide our CSA with a territory on our map that they cover, giving them a virtual medium in which they can sell our products. Instead of using brick and mortar to display our product, it can all be found conveniently on our website.

The benefit of purchasing through a CSA is that they are able to provide our customers with in depth information and answer any inquiries about our products; furthermore they provide a discount code which works on all purchases through our website. This code also helps us keep track of which CSA is making the sale. Our CSA’s are equipped with all the necessary tools and information to provide the best customer experience possible.

Days after launching the program we had our first sale through a CSA. Janet Ennamorato with Creative Garden Designs, managed to sell our “one of a kind” Bronze Allusion within one day of registering with the program.

To find out about online discounts and purchases please visit our store locator map to find the CSA nearest you!

We would like to thank all of our CSA members for their success so far. If you are interested in finding out more about the program and have experience with selling home decor please feel free to contact


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