Decorpro products in their natural habitat

Over the past few months we have been uploading product videos to our Youtube channel. We would like to invite you to keep browsing our channel as the videos keep rolling in. Since May 1st our videographer Adam Poirier  has been hard at work, bringing our audience high quality movies that showcase all the elegant details of our products. The most recent achievement is the brand new Organica Biofire Safety Fuel video. We cleaned up the audio and highlighted more of the key features that make this fuel so unique.

Within the next week we are hoping to have completed more videos of our beautiful Garden Torches. Filming this series in action was long overdue. Now you will be able to see first hand how amazing they will look when added to your garden or living space.

Watch the videos below to see the quality our film team is bringing to the table. Check our blog daily for new products, videos and deals!

We would also like to highlight that our new Fashionpro Youtube channel is also up and running. Watch the last video for a tease of what it will have to offer.


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