Spring is Here!

Decorpro invites you to celebrate Spring

The First Day of Spring has finally arrived. The wait is over. It was a long, hard winter. You’re more than ready to say goodbye to the cold, harsh wind and all that snow. Hello sunshine! To help you update your home and garden decor, we’ve got some special things that will bring contemporary colours to your home, a special sparkle to your events, and the glorious green to your garden!


Perk up your patio or porch

The Vertikal Micro (Outdoor) stand is multi-functional and can be used as a fireburner or as a terrarium for your fire, flora and fauna needs. A great addition to any backyard, patio, porch, or deck. Available in 43 of the most trendy Spring colours, including Tangerine, Boysenberry and Canary Yellow. More of a neutral look in mind? We’ve got every colour imaginable.


Deck and Dock Decor

Add some ambience to your Spring events. The flicker of candlelight reflects magically in the glass panes of this pretty Freedom tealight.


Freedom Three Ways

1. Centre Island: A great anchor for your table setting or countertop.

2. Vertical Horizon: Add height by placing The Freedom upright or horizontally.

3. Make a Splash: A pop of red to brighten a neutral space.


A Little Patience: The Perfect Planter

Spruce up your Spring garden with these Patience outdoor planters. Fill them with flowers or the plants of your choice. Line your deck, patio, porch, or walkway. It’s just what your garden needed..


photo-3_Torches_cropped_Calgary Home & Garden Show_February 27, 2014_unedited

BURNCO teams with Decorpro out West!

Western Canadians take note! BURNCO Landscape Centres are now selling several of the Decorpro torches, as well as many more exciting Decorpro products, across BURNCO Landscape Centres in Alberta and British Columbia.

“The torch is a unique product for us,” says Steven Sample, Manager, Landscape Administration, BURNCO Rock Products Ltd “BURNCO specializes in supplying materials for backyards and front yards and making them look beautiful. And this is one of those pieces that can add to it. We can sell the soils and the pavers, but this is the next step. It’s different and unique from what everyone else has.”

Bronze beauty: The standout Twig torch at the BC Home + Garden Show.

Bronze beauty: The standout Twig torch at the BC Home + Garden Show.

Decorpro torches shine at BURNCO's Langley Landscape Centre, BC.

Decorpro torches shine at BURNCO’s Langley Landscape Centre, BC.

Visiting the Decorpro booth at the January 2014 Toronto Gift Fair prompted the exciting news that nine BURNCO Landscape Centres across Alberta and British Columbia will be selling all seven of the Decorpro torches—Absolute, Skyline, Cyrus, Metropolis, Twig, Volution and Olympus.

Following the Toronto Gift Fair, BURNCO showcased the torches at the 2014 BC Home + Garden Show at BC Place in mid-February, where BURNCO’s Western Canadian customers expressed their excitement at having something new and unique to give their backyards and homes a contemporary aesthetic look.

“Based on our feedback up to this point at the shows, Decorpro torches give them something else to enhance their backyard,” says Sample. “We had people who wanted to be the first to pick them up here, to be the first on the block to put the torches up. The only concern we’ve heard so far is that the summer season is short in Alberta; it does not get dark here until late in the evenings.” Thankfully, the torches provide great ambient lighting indoors, as well!

Established in Calgary in 1912, BURNCO is Canada’s largest independent supplier of ready-mix concrete and a major supplier of aggregate products, as well as operator of several landscape centres throughout Western Canada.

“Our goal is to become more of a one-stop shop for landscape supplies for yard beautification. We’re always looking to add more unique new things,” says Sample.

Showing off: The Metropolis torch at the 2014 BC Home + Garden Show.

Showing off: The Metropolis torch at the 2014 BC Home + Garden Show.

Soon: Folia fire pits at BURNCO Landscape Centres.

Coming soon: Folia fire pits at BURNCO Landscape Centres and a beach near you.

“We’re going to bring in the Folia and Ion fire pits into a few locations too. We plan to expand the program to tabletop fireburners down the road. We’re still experimenting.”

Future plans: The Ion fire pit at BURNCO Landscape Centres.

Stay tuned: The Ion fire pits at BURNCO Landscape Centres…soon!

Coming soon to BURNCO: The vast range of Decorpro tabletop fireburners. (Pictured: Cell)

Future plans: The vast range of tabletop fireburners at BURNCO Landscape Centres. (Pictured: Cell)

So what does this exciting news really mean? That dreams of having a beautifully designed and landscaped yard can come true for Western Canadians because of BURNCO Landscape Centres’ partnership with Decorpro. Stay tuned for more Facebook posts and Tweets about this exciting development…!

Visit our Store Locator to find the BURNCO Landscape Centre closest to you.

Please visit www.burnco.com/landscape-centres for more information.



Panorama Flame_1

Decorpro at 2014 Toronto Gift Fair

Hot on the heels of our success at the 2014 Toronto Gift Fair (TGF) trade show, Decorpro is offering our amazing and valued customers new, reduced prices on all our products.

Our booth was elegantly designed and featured all of our Spring/Summer 2014 product line–great for indoors and outdoors–and just in time for cottage season, relaxing by the beachfront, and all those backyard barbecues.

Our tabletop fireburners and wall-mounted fireburners gave all who visited our booth something to talk about. There’s nothing like a real fire to get the conversation started. The minute the Decorpro fireburners and fireburner kits were lit, we had everyone’s attention. All who visited our booth loved the glass-encased sources of natural fire and the warm glow the fireburners emitted. Needless to say, the Cells and Cell Micros were a big hit, as were the Cell Atrium terraria, filled with flowers and plants.

DSCF3132_Cell Micros, Cell Fireburners

Aberdeen fireburner kit featuring Cell Micros

At Decorpro, we’ve got something for everyone’s home and garden–Rays to store wallets, keys and shoes, Loops to hang scarves and coats,  and the Patience and Serenity planters for all your outdoor gardening needs.

DSCF3136_Buntry_Ray_Level_TGF 2014

Buntry planter, Fist Quencher, Ray, Loop, Level coffee table (pictured)

The Corby planters, available in 43, yes, 43 colors, were also bestsellers. Our wood-burning fire pits, the Folia and Ion, perfect for every outdoor campfire, cottage and dock, wowed the crowd. Decorpro torches, available in 7 different styles, were winners, too. Now we’re passing all our trade show success onto you!

DSCF3128_Vino_Harmony_Patience_2014 TGF

Mailboxes, Patience and Serenity planters, Four series, and Torches

We’re introducing even more new and exciting indoor and outdoor home décor products and trends in the coming season. Take a look. Spring is in the air. See what Decorpro can do for your home, garden and special occasion needs…Indoors and outdoors.

VINO countertop Valentine's Day

Vino: The ‘V’ in Valentine’s Day

Rose petals line the stairs. Candlelight sets the mood. Soft music plays in the background. You bought the perfect bottle of wine. You’ve got two long-stemmed wine glasses. Tap them with your fingers and you can hear the ting! of the crystal…If only you could find something to put that special bottle and glasses in. Look no further. The Vino is your answer. Combine two and make the ideal Valentine’s Day centerpiece. Its modular design, a combination of curves and angled straight lines, creates the look of an inverted heart. The Vino is the wine rack and glass holder that you need to complete the look and set the mood on Valentine’s Day. Hang it on the wall, store it in the bar, or in an open cabinet for a different look.

The Vino is the latest in a series of wine racks and glass holders that includes the Echo and Vintages. Designed by Canadians. Made in Canada. Brought to you by Decorpro.

D50301-VINO inverted heart shape
D50301-VINO designed by Mitch Harder. Inverted heart shape (pictured)

DesignersConnect Resource Club

designers connectToday Decopro has been welcomed to the DesignersConnect Resource Club. This is an exciting new prospect for us here at Decorpro, because it will allow our products to be put in front of hundreds of designers, decorators and stagers. With this new development, Decorpro will be offering a 20% discount to all members of DesignersConnect Resource Club in the form of a coupon code.

The DesignersConnect Resource Club is a powerful group of Design Professionals and Leading Suppliers to the Trade, connecting with one another and growing every day. As a Resource Club, we will continue to source leading suppliers, that have been identified by you and your peers as some of the best companies in their product / service category. We welcome these suppliers to join us as Affiliate members. Tthe goal is to connect the Design Trade! As a Design Professional and Club member, you will be supported by our Affiliate members with designer programs and more! Our strength in numbers allows us to negotiate for our members; exclusive discounts, special offers and various group plans with service providers! In addition, we work with our Affiliates to offer monthly educational seminars at various locations and showrooms, most of which qualify for CEU’s!

Join the Club on line today and save on your favorite Decorpro products! Follow the link below to find out more.


Karacell For Vintages

During our most recent Friday design discussions, Harman Gill pointed out a clever secondary use for our Karacell/Taurus holder.

After critically evaluating one of his designs during a presentation he pointed out that similar to his concept, the Karacell could potentially be used to hold something else. Our team instantly jumped to the conclusion that “something else” could easily be a bottle. Within seconds our design manager was off to the kitchen in search of an empty wine bottle. Upon his return the painted cup was removed and the bottle was lain across the arms. It fit beautifully.

After a bit of discussion it became obvious that this holder could easily lend itself to holding a wide variety of shapes and sizes, not specifically limiting it to a simple wine holder.
From this stroke of collaborative genius we decided to create an entirely new product. “Vintages” the newest product by Decorpro came to fruition.

“Vintages” is simply the base of the Karacell/Taurus stripped of the Cup and Snuffer accessories. This allows the product to be as cost effective as possible. If you decide you would like to convert it into a firepot/fireburner, simply purchase the Chrome or Painted cup separately and attach it to the arms.

Vintages joins our wine collection as the third bottle holder in the Decorpro collection.Vino, designed by Mitch harder and Echo designed by Harman Gill and Jeff Pinard are two more gorgeous that are also included in this series.

D50301-VINO Wine Holder-Designed by Mitch Harder BACK TO BACK

D50301-VINO-designed by Mitch Harder BACK TO BACK by Decorpro






This is just another great example of how Decorpro is constantly trying to provide the most value for the products we design.


Refills Have Arrived!

Today we are introducing the Organica refill bottles to our website. With the great success Organica is having in the fuel market, we have decided to provide our customers with the option to buy a twelve bottle refill pack of the Organica liquid fuel.

The twelve pack will give you the opportunity to buy Organica without the media wick. It is important to purchase the Organica sarter kit before you proceed to purchase the case of twelve, this is because the liquid will not burn without the canned media.

We are very excited about this new product launch because of the added value it will provide our customers. The Organica refill case will provide an average 96 hrs of total burn time, surpassing the twenty four pack of Gel fuel by over 24 hours! The Organica refill packs are currently the most economical fuel product on the market. They also result in much less waste than the leading Gel cases because they use less material to hold the liquid.

Follow this link to get your Organica Twelve Pack of Refill Bottles today!


The Future of Fuel is Here

At Decorpro we always consider the impact of our products. Whether it be the impact on the environment, or the interactions with customers, we pride ourselves on considering the entire life cycle of the products we sell. So after hours of discussions and feedback, we have decided that we will be moving forward with selling only 1 type of fuel for our products.

Organica is by far the safest fuel that has ever been sold to the consumer market. Between being spill proof and non-flammable the attention to safety is beyond compare to any of the Gel or Ethanol fuels. Organica is also an extremely green alternative to the existing fuels, due to its re-useability of the media in the fuel can and the process required to synthesize the materials involved. It is with these considerations that we expect the Organica fuel to eventually capture the entire firepot/fireburner market.
In order to compete with the convenience of the replaceable Gel cans, we will soon have refill packs of 12 bottles available on our website. This will result in a product that is actually cheaper per burn hour than existing fuels, giving our customers the peace of mind for both safety and savings.

Follow our blog and on Facebook to find out about exciting product launches, coupons and promotions!

cell micro

We Did It Again, Price Reductions!

As of August 15th Decorpro drastically reduced prices on some of the hottest selling designs. Included in the list of items are the X Press Mailboxes, prices have plummeted  from $120.00 down to $98.00 (applicable to all three colours of course). We have also managed to price reduce our Garden Torches. They are now standing at an extremely attractive price point, reduced from $180.00 down to $119.00. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a set of these elegantly modern torches to line your garden or pathway.

Among the notable price drops that we have unveiled is the entire Cell series.  The Cell series boasts the biggest reduction of all the products. The traditional Cell has been cut by $100 from its original price point, down to $199.00. In the spirit of being consistent, Cell Micro and Cell Atrium have also been drastically reduced in price, giving our customers the opportunity to own several of these beautiful products.

Four Base, Nuvo, and Base were also part of the price reductions, browse the pages to see how much you will be saving!

This is simply the first round of price reductions that Decorpro will be unveiling. Throughout the months to come we will be drastically price reducing even more of our product line. We won’t stop dropping the prices until we have managed to get you the lowest possible prices on every product we can.
Follow our blog and facebook pages to stay updated with coupon codes and other great savings to come.

cgta postcard planters2

Fall 2013 CGTA Gift Show

It is that time of year again. On August 7th 2013 the team at Decorpro will be packing up and heading to the Congress Centre for the Fall 2013 CGTA Gift Show over the dates of August 11 – 14, 2013. This year’s booth is going to be featuring some exciting new changes and tonnes of new product releases.
With over 16 new products to be launched during and after the show, this will be our largest release ever.

D10206-RAY-KEYSDue to the high volume of new products on their way, it has given us the opportunity to create three brand new categories on our website, Home Decor, Planters and Firepits. We will continue to expand these three categories with unique and creative designs that are a change of pace from our standard fireburner/firepot collections.
For those die hard torch and firepot fans there is no need for concern, Decorpro will also be launching several new indoor/outdoor fire features including torches, tabletops and wall mounted fireburners.





This year’s booth has also had a complete overhaul in preparation for our new location (Booth 10541, Hall 10, Congress Centre, Toronto). We have created a new look, and made the products easier to see and locate. This is an exciting improvement that we hope everyone will be able to experience first hand.

If you are unable to make it to this years Fall 2013 CGTA Gift Show, please feel free to contact us directly at sales@decorpro.ca to find out about the new products.

We hope to see you there.

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