Let there be Light!

Lighting the way in home and garden lighting solutions and alternative lighting decor for indoor and outdoor use, trend-setting U.S.-based magazine, Log Cabin Homes (Homestead Communications Corp.) has published an editorial product feature, in recognition of Decorpro Home + Garden’s contemporary line of solid steel torches. Take a look at the feature, here:

Log Cabin Homes_Low res

Log Cabin Homes features Decorpro Torches and Wall-Mounted Fireburners




Home, Sweet Home

Displaying several of our range of Torches and Wall-Mounted Fireburners, the feature touches on style, functionality, indoor and outdoor use, and the quality materials that Decorpro products are made of.


Standing by: The patterned Twig torch complements the rustic wicker chair.







Carrying a Flame

Widely distributed throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally, Log Cabin Homes’ coverage of Decorpro Home + Garden’s smart and sexy torches and sconces is stylish, sophisticated, and informative.


Up close and personal: The swirling, sexy sophistication of the Volution adds elegance, poolside.






Far and Away

Serving a readership that enjoys the great outdoors and is always seeking new and innovative ways to modernize and coordinate their outdoor spaces, Log Cabin Homes’ feature provides this unique demographic of outdoor enthusiasts with decor solutions that will update, complement and enhance their outdoor environment, as well as their indoor rooms.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

I Heard it Through the Great Vine

I’ll Drink to That! Decorating with the Vine–New Product!
Part 3

In Part Three of Decorpro’s three-part series on vineyard decorating, we’ll take you for a tour of the Vine, the newest and coolest decorative way to display and present all those wine bottles!


VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

The Vine’s grapevine shape is a great Vine for wine storage

Wining and Dining with the Vine

Wine lovers unite. Decorpro Home + Garden gives you more than perfect pairings, bouquet and body to talk about at those fancy wine-and-cheese and wine-tasting events. The Vine. A perfect way to store those beautiful bottles of Bordeaux, those charming Chardonnays, and those robust Rosées.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

Angled nooks are customized for perfect presentation of wine bottles throughout the Vine’s body

Body Talk

Sleek, stylish solid steel construction. Cylindrical shape.

Party Presentation

Alternating angled nooks for presenting and storing bottles at varying heights, throughout the body of the Vine.

Options Galore

Available in gunmetal gray or white epoxy powder coat as a freestanding Vine (with Base), or as a wall-mounted Vine.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro _GUNMETAL_GREY_ONBASE

Slender and sleek, the Vine is available as a freestanding rack (with Base), or as a mountable option

Glamourous Wine Storage: Brigitte Bordeaux and Charlize Chardonnay

Wine season doesn’t have to end at the start of the fall. The Vine is a great way to display your wine bottles throughout the year. Freestanding (with Base), or mountable to a wall, the Vine is a perfect match for any wine bottle, and can be used at any home and garden event, business function, wedding, or vineyard soirée. The Vine for wine. A glamourous, elegant way to wine rack it up.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

Take your pick: White Vine or Gunmetal Gray


Vineyard Decorating: Uncorked

Salut to Decorating in Wine Country! Part 2

In Part Two of Decorpro’s three-part series on wine country decor, we’ll explore alternative ways of using our vineyard series of home decor accessories to effectively create delicate centerpieces, and sophisticated accent pieces, whether you’re attending an indoor wine-tasting event, or an outdoor wine and cheese party.

Drink, Display, Decorate!

Decorpro has simplified a way for vineyards to decorate wine-tasting focal areas, in wine country: think about the three D’s of wine bottle holders—drink, display, decorate! Showing off an aged Chianti, Chardonnay, Merlot, or Shiraz in any one of our elegant, sophisticated Canadian-designed, Canadian-made wine bottle holders makes the wine-tasting experience that much more special. The wine and wine bottles already look good. Display them in these tasteful, complementary accessories to look even better.



The Echo centerpiece is perfect for displaying wine or a trough such as the Scape .

Versatile Vintages & Epic Echo

Switch up the look of the Echo or Vintages. Add a Scape plant holder and fill with vineyard grapes. This is the wow factor that will take guests’ experience over the edge.


Set a romantic evening mood. Insert a Chrome Cup in the center of the Echo or Vintages, add sand and a pillar candle to fill the space with ambient light.


The Taurus tabletop fireburner heightens the mood of a wine-and-cheese party


The Chrome Cup Take’eth Forth

The Chrome Cup is one of those metallic, alluring accessories that catches the eye and creates some sparkle at an event. Add some drama and ambience to table centerpiees with the Taurus tabletop fireburners, centerted by the Chrome Cup.



A Vintages year: A wine bottle in a solid steel grasp


A Vintner’s Vintages

Alternate the centerpieces at your next wine-and-cheese by setting some tables with the Taurus tabletop fireburner (the Vintages wine holder transformed) and outfit feature tables wih the Vinatges and a top wine pick.



Two Vino wine bottle holders make the perfect inverted heart-shaped pair


Two Vinos: A Perfect Pairing

Combine two Vino wine bottle holders for a romantic, inverted heart-shaped tabletop accessory for a special couple on an anniversary trip to the vineyard or a surprise romantic birthday trip to wine country. Make the decor part of the glamour and allure of your event by creating special themes around the Echo, Vino and Vintages wine bottle holders.



The elegant Echo is a classy centerpiece in an outdoor romantic winterscape

Elegance of Echo

The Echo‘s simple elegance will enhance the indoor and the natural outdoor surroundings of vineyards, the experience of wine-tasting and those feature wines during restaurant and bar dinners and events, as well as those at-home wine-and-cheese soirees.

There are plenty of ways to make the formal wine-tasting events even more elegant and the more casual events even more fun. Think creatively–wine-tasting is all about good taste!



Wining & Dining in Wine Country…

…the Decorpro way! Part One

Food & Wine: Don’t Forget the Decor!

Wine is all about celebrating. Food. Family. Friends. And milestones. Decorating is also key to guests’ enjoyment. Restaurants and vineyards in Canada and south of the border take note! Accessorize and emphasize your guests’ and customers’ wine-tasting experience as they explore the road to becoming connoisseurs. Just as a variety of wines contain subtleties of flavorings such as wood, smoke and the coolness of steel, as well as a beautiful color palette to awaken the senses and every tastebud, similar nuances can also be found in Decorpro’s series of vineyard accessories. In this three-part series, Decorpro will give you decorating advice, as well as key tips on maximizing guests’ wine-tasting experiecne.


Three’s company: The Vintages, Vino and Echo

Cold as Ice Wine

The sleek solid steel cool epoxy powder coat finish of our Echo, Vino and Vintages wine bottle holders is a way for wine bottles to sit elegantly as part of the surrounding décor. The look of cold steel matches the look of a cold bottle of white or ice wine. Why not show off the bottle as well as the bottle holder?

Echo Chic

Sophisticated and contemporary, the Echo is made of two pieces of solid steel, containing a slight geometric pattern, and made to fit perfectly together. One painted black. The other, white. Like two hands joined to form a cubby in which nestles the vineyard or restaurant’s feature wine, or the season’s top vintage–an aged oak, fermented with a hint of peach or a waft of pear and the lightness of a slight spring breeze.


Handsome holder: The Echo

Echo Sleek

The Echo is a piece you will be proud to present the house or feature wine in at any bar, restaurant or lounge. Show them off as centerpieces to vineyard guests who can accessorize their homes and gardens with these accent pieces during wine and cheese parties and other indoor-outdoor events, or simply, during day-to-day family gatherings. Think Sideways.

Vineyard Vino

The shapely, curved Vino is a dual-purpose wine bottle holder with the functionality of a wine glass holder, as well.


A spirited display: The Vino

Made for intimate events, the Vino re-thinks tradition with its modern design and its solid steel features, providing a balance between classic and contemporary for dining areas, bar tops and lounge areas. A snug way to display wine bottles for exclusive vineyard guests during conferences and wine tours of the region.

Vintage Vintners: The Vintages

A single solid piece of polished steel, forming an open triangle. Modern and cool. Linear and curved. Functional and fitting. The Vintages is a refreshing complement to the cold glass vessel and the glowing liquid of fermeneted grapes, seasoned and corked to perfection in its grasp.


The nestling position: Vintages

Wine-worthy Decor

Wine-tasting events, restaurant dinners, and wine and cheese parties are lighthearted and entertaining. Think centerpieces, decor and surroundings to complement the decor, as well as guests’ attitude. Decorpro‘s series of wine holders will help to create the mood, while enhancing the surrounding decor. Stay tuned for Part Two of this series on effectively decorating to beautify restaurant, vineyard, bar, lounge and home entertaining environments.

Corby Fireburner_Aberdeen Fireburner_Tableau_cropped

That’s a Wrap! Toronto Gift Fair!

 Familiar Faces & New Clients

Develpro Inc. came out on top once again at the Summer 2014 Toronto Gift Fair, held at the Toronto Congress Centre from August 10 – 13. We happily welcomed familiar faces, as well as several new clients, all of whom were excited about our growing line of planters, tabletop fireburners, torches and our full range of home decor, furnishings and accessories. Another notch in the belt of our home and garden decor brand, Decorpro, as this was our 9th consecutive show.

Panorama of Decorpro booth_Summer 2014 TGF

Celebrate!: Pippa Hildred, centre, celebrates her birthday with the team

We even celebrated one special person, Sales Director Pippa Hildred’s birthday!

New Products Take Off!

Decorpro wowed customers and clients with the launch of our cool, contemporary Corby Fireburner kit, consisting of two Large Corby Planters, outfitted with a Cell tabletop fireburner each, and a Tableau bar top feature to connect them, creating a luxurious lounge look for clients with customers who are decorating their basement bars, those who want to create the look of an upscale dining or restaurant-style bar area in the kitchen or outdoors, and also, for restaurant and lounge clients who are looking for something more than a traditional bar experience for guests.

Kitchen Chic, Dining Drama & Outdoor Opulence

Kitchen and dining accessories_Summer 2014 TGF

Cool kitchens are one of our specialties at Decorpro. Our storage solutions and sconces are proof.



A slew of sconces and space-saving storage solutions were also on display,  and gave clients the opportunity to experience the multi-functionality and versatility of our products.

Torches & Athens new wood textured finish

At the top: Our new white hot Cabana and Vibe Sconce highlight the top shelf



Another great hit were our Cabana tabletop fireburner and our Vibe Sconce, among the newest ways to accent a feature wall, highlight artwork, or simply, to create a mood of ambience indoors or outdoors.

‘Til Next Year!

To all our Decorpro clients–thanks for visiting us and for loving our home and garden products as much as we enjoy designing them for you. We can’t wait to see you at the Winter 2015 Toronto Gift Fair in January!


Scape_Summer 2014 TGF

Look forward to some new launches for great gardenscapes next year!


The Gift: Summer ’14 Toronto Gift Fair

Ready, Set: Develpro preps for the Toronto Gift Fair 

At what will be our 8th consecutive attendance at the Toronto Gift Fair trade show, as in previous years, Develpro promises to wow our MVP (Most Valuable People) — our clients — with Decorpro home and garden’s contemporary products. We’re excited to see the familiar faces of our existing retail client base, as well as to welcome some new retailers, interior designers and landscape architects to our decorated booth.

For the past few months, we’ve been preparing for the Summer 2014 TGF show, Canada’s largest gift industry trade show. Now, we’re ready to put the cool in your contemporary home and the mood in your modern gardenscapes with the latest and greatest in contemporary design, sophisticated structure, modern materials and form-fitting functionality. Creating ambience and brilliance with Decorpro’s range of fireburning Torches, Tabletop Fireburners and Wall-Mounted Fireburners, color and variety with our plethora of Planters, and modern functionality and innovative form with our indoor and outdoor furnishings, as well as Home Decor accessories, Develpro will be announcing the launch of several new products on the trade show floor. Among them…well…we don’t want to give away all our wonderful surprises just yet! The show begins on August 10th! We’ve got so many things to show you!

Here’s where you can find us:

Booth: #10541
Location: Hall 10
Toronto Congress Centre, North Building
Toronto Congress Centre
650 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 1J1

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see:

Planters a-plenty


Creating comfort: The warmth of Corby Fireburners

Multi-functionality and form-fitting design

Taking planters to new heights, Decorpro’s contemporary series of planters are made of fibreglass resin and are available in 43 colors. Split, warp and mildew-resistant, our planters are guaranteed. For life. At this year’s TGF Show, you’ll get to see our Corby Fireburner Starter Kit in combination with our Large Corby Planter, and a few other varieties of our shapely planters–the Athens, Vienna, Monaco and, two of our newest additions: the Buntry Fireburner and Aberdeeen Fireburner.


Warmth & wonder: The Aberdeen Fireburner, poolside


Ambience of Aberdeen

One of Decorpro’s newest products, the Large Aberdeen Fireburner adds a touch of drama and class on the top of a garden deck, overlooking the pool. Creating mood and ambience with its three flickering flames, the Aberdeen Fireburner is available in 43 colors to suit any event or environment.




The Buntry Fireburner’s flames warm a winter’s day

Buntry Fireburners: Icy Fire

Matching the mood of a brisk winter day, three Buntry Fireburners cast a warm glow of fire, each within four panes of tempered glass, alluding to the sunset in the horizon and their icy cool surroundings.


Outdoor ambience: The Twig torch


Lighting the way

Variety is the spice of home and garden decor. Lighting solutions for any room in the house, or other indoor venue, and for the outdoors, as well, Decorpro brings you every kind of bioethanol, non-hazardous ambient and mood lighting. Elegant centerpieces for upcoming weddings, parties and other formal functions, our contemporary lighting series is complete with a charming selection of Tealights that beguile and bewitch with the beauty of soft light.




The Harmony: Warming a winter’s day

Balanced Harmony

Creating a romantic, soft mood on a winter’s eve, atop a patio, with snow-capped mountains in the distance is the Harmony, a tabletop fireburner. Two pieces of solid steel, one painted a pure white (shown); the other, black. Together in perfect Harmony.



The Freedom reigns supreme at a festive party

Festive Freedom

The Autumn season will soon be upon us. Orange, red and yellow leaves tumbling gently to the ground. Winter not far away. Add some festive sparkle to your party planning and home decorating themes with the dazzlingly decorative Freedom. 

The Summer 2014 Toronto Gift Fair is sure to be an exciting time. Decorpro has so much planned for our new and existing clients. We can’t wait to see you there!


Festive Party Planning!

I Just Want to Celebrate!

Back-to-back parties this summer. Canada Day. 4th of July. Weddings. Birthdays. Pool parties. Barbecues. If there’s a reason to celebrate, you will celebrate. Party planning can be exhausting, though. Guest list. Check. Appetizers. Check. Entrees. Check. Drinks. Check. Decor. Hmmm…..Decor…Here are some smart, simple solutions that will kick the party off with a bang!

This way to party planning–the way the pros at Decorpro do it!

Let there be light!


Complete an absolutely perfect party with the Absolute.

1. Indoor-outdoor lighting. Check.

Why limit your choices when there’s so much to choose from? Wall-mounted. Deck-mounted. Dock-mounted. Pool-based. Patio-based. Sconces, tealights, tabletop fireburners. We’ve even got , torches that mount directly into the ground!


A standout torch. The Pure.




She’s pure as the virgin snow.

Highlight an antique desk, a Victorian mantlepiece, or another stylish surface with the Pure. The tabletop fireburner that can also be mounted to the wall. Purely perfect.



A series of Cyruses line a dock.


The Four Cottage’s fiery flame dances amidst foliage.


Low-level lighting.

Short, sweet Cyrus torches define ground cover, emphasizing the beautiful flowers! Using our custom mounting brackes, affix the torches onto a wooden deck or dock for a dazzling departure to traditional wooden posts. Low-level lighting reaches new heights!



Four for you.

A fabulous fireburner. Four Cottage. The loon and moon motif create casual comfort and a welcome warmth. Plant these dynamic fireburners in the garden to highlight and accentuate foliage, water features, and flowers. Part of the Four series.


Meet the Metropolis. A torch for the modern metropolis.


Modern Metropolis.

The state-of-the-art Metropolis adds a cosmopolitan cityscape to any festive occasion. Tall and tremendous, this tower of power and strength is a fireburning force to be reckoned with. Mount the Metropolis into the ground or to a mounting bracket (sold separately).

2. Centrepieces. Check.

It’s a festive celebration. The lighting has set the mood. Table decor is as significant to creating the kind of party atmosphere that will maximize guests’ enjoyment. You want the fun-o-meter to be off the charts! Here are a few tips to table transformations that will light up the night sky!



Before Sunrise. After Sunset. The Freedom’s festive flame.


The centre of attention!

The talk of the town will be at your festive Canada Day and 4th of July party! But they’ll all be talking about the Freedom. A festive firecracker of a tealight. Starry nights. Stars and stripes. Oh say can you see the true north strong and free. Red hot and rarin’ to go!


The Allusion tabletop fireburner takes centre stage.



Create a conversation.

The exquisite Allusion. An elegant contemporary take on a classically elegant tabletop fireburner. A centrepiece, as well as the talk of the town–and the party. A perfect way to dress your table.

3. The tabletop threesome. Check.

Good things come in threes. This trio of tabletop fireburners is part of our Cell series. Lighting the way on celebration day.



The Cell Micro. Two ways to tabletop decorating.



A vibrant vibe. The tabletop trio.

(1) The diminutive. Cell Micro. Glass and fire create an appearance of fire and ice. This small, distringuished tabletop fireburner can easily transform into a breaktaking terrarium. For fire. For flowers. For foliage. For your garden.



The Cell stands up to the heat atop a concrete garden pillar.





(2) The big and tall. Not-so-small. Cell. Raising the bar in tabletop fireburner standards. Tall, sophisticated. If a table could talk, the stories it would tell about the Cell.






Matching the mood of the sunset with the Cell Atrium’s flame.


(3) Wide and pride. Cell Atrium. If it gets too hot in here, take it outside. This is the top of the line in tabletop fireburners and our modern lighting series.





4. Planters. Check.

A plethora of planters are the pinnacle of the party.Made to last a lifetime. Seven unique shapes and a variety of sizes. Available in 43 colors. Seamless design. Split-resistant. Mildew-resistant. Warp-resistant. Place your custom order today!



Living in the limelight. A lime green Aberdeen Fireburner.


Long and strong.

This classically shaped large Aberdeen Fireburner adds a splash of color and three fantastic flames to the celebration. Resiliant and durable, this planter fireburner combination is also weather-proof.


The Milan Planter is the picture of beauty and blooms.





Standing tall.

The Milan Planter. A wonderful and welcoming way to invite guests to the party. Fill with flowers at the front entrance or on the deck. Launching soon on www.decorpro.ca!


A Buntry Fireburner modernizes the dock.



The Buntry beautifies.

The ultimate combination of fire, form and functionality, the Buntry Fireburner is the newest in our combination series of planter fireburners. A flickering flame in a tempered glass surround, mounted to a base, atop the Buntry planter. The festive light of the party.





5. Light up the night sky!

Attract attention to the picturesque outdoor view. Heighten your space. Place these torches near floor-to-ceiling windows to add drama and emphasize the skyline.



The cityscape is highlighted by the Skyline’s sweeeping flame.




Skyward Skyline.

This is what guests want to see–that gorgeous skyline! The Skyline. A torch designed for today. Made for tomorrow.


A Volution torch emphasizes the view from above.







Revolutionary Volution.

A dramatic cityscape in the background, lit with celebratory fireworks. In the foreground, a daring Volution flame accentuates the backdrop.


You Name It! You Win It! Contest winner!

Drum roll, please!!!  We have a winner! Congratulations, Camilla!

Introducing….the Devon Seat.


The Devon Seat. A bold and beautiful Decorpro product.

You gave us your reasons. Although the name, Devon Seat, doesn’t have a literal meaning, here’s why our team of designers, marketing professionals, directors and creative thinkers chose the name, Devon Seat:

  •  We wanted a modern, contemporary product name.
  • We wanted the name to resonate with the look and style of the  product.
  • Although the name isn’t a literal description of the piece, it sounds sleek. Like the seat itself!
  • It’s a very popular and cool name!

Figure it out: The Devon Seat can be configured to fit several functional forms.

We were blown away by all the amazing entries to our You Name It! You Win It! contest. It was a tough decision, but these are the best of the best:

Build a Bar – Betty L.
Venetian – Susan V.
United – Allan C.
Decor Blox – Judy W.
Sharing Parts – Silvana C.
The Ultimate – Heather R.
Palego – Catherine B.
Pod – Amy W.
Quiescence – Jamie A.

There was a common theme among some of our best responses. Several of our contestants chose names that had to do with piecing things together, choosing to describe the product’s multi-functionality in a literal way. Here are some of those Cool Customer submissions:

Puzzle – Harold G.
Puzzle Block – Judy G.
The Puzzler by Dianne L.
Perplex – Matthew F.

These are some of the other Cool Customer Contest submissions that we received. Here’s to these runners’ up:

Nature’s Way – Janet M.
The All in One Patio Set – Garnet L.
Modular Resin Ensemble – Sean M.
Fourlium – Steve D.

Thanks to all who played! For all your efforts and for being such Cool Customers, we’re giving each of you who entered our You Name It! You Win It! contest a coupon code for 15% off ANY DECORPRO PRODUCT! Just for entering! You’re cool. We want to be cool, too! Check your emails for a special coupon code. We’ll be announcing more Cool Customer Contests soon. Check our Cool Customer Contests page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for upcoming contests and other special announcements!


Contest: Name New Products!!!

Decorpro needs your help!

We’re giving you the chance to name our new home & garden decor products!

We want to hear from you! We’ve got a ton of new products, soon-to-be-launched. The only thing is, we just don’t know what to name them! We’ll leave it up to you–our expert Decorpro friends, fans and customers!

What’s in it for the winner?

Everybody else gives you a discount. We can do better than that. We’re giving it to you–for FREE! The selected winner will receive 1 of the products that they named! (*Shipping not included).

What’s my name? 

Resin-base, multi-functional furniture. The new wave in indoor-outdoor furnishings.

Resin-base, multi-functional furniture. The new wave in indoor-outdoor furnishings.

 * Read the description below and send us your answers!

Fill in the __________________________

Description: Seat Set

Setting the standard in a new wave of resin-based furnishings, the ________________ seat set is a modular combination of curve, form, structure, shape and color. Multi-functional and stylish, these seats are weather-resistant and perfect for any indoor and outdoor environment–patio parties, lounges, bars, decks, barbecues, pool parties–as well as any indoor setting. This soon-to-be-named (by you!) seat set is revolutionary in its contemporary design, structured to be used as individual pieces, or to fit together like cool, colorful building blocks. Each seat sold separately. 

Modern configuration: This resin-based seat set fits together like building blocks.

Modern configuration: This resin-based seat set fits together like building blocks.

So….what do you think my name should be?

Send your answers to:


or, submit your answers here:

Sorry! This contest is now closed. Please check back later



* All entries subject to approval.

* Contest closes Friday, May 30, 2014.


Thanks for playing! Check back here for more news on upcoming contests and more chances to win!!!!!!!

Exclusively from Decorpro.





A Planters’ Paradise

Flowers everywhere. Green leaves sprouting. Make your garden bloom. Create a perfect porch and a grand garden with these planters that will modernize your outdoor space.

5 + 1 ways to update your garden and add some color to your outdoors:

1. For the perfectionist: Monaco manicure 


Crew cut: The Monaco manicure

For a manicured look, plant some cat grass or wheat grass in a couple of Monaco planters. Cut the grass to the same height to achieve that uniformed look throughout (Pictured, right).

2. For the romantic: In Bloom

Use your favorite colors and flowers—roses, geraniums, anthuriums, lillies–to create a floral focal point in these Athens planters (Pictured, below left).


Fresh florals: White lillies in a deep lime green Athens


All planters are available as custom orders in 43 different colors. You choose. We make it happen. 





3. Thumbing it: Fern fantastic

Ferns add dimension, height in Corby planters

Ferns add dimension, height in Corby planters

Create a starter series of ferns in these large-sized Corby planters. When they outgrow the planters, transplant the ferns directly into the soil in the garden, and add palms or a variety of flowers in them for a more formal look (Pictured, below right).



4. Fuss-free: Sumptuous Succulents

Create a hassle-free front porch or deck. Plant a selection of succulents in a variety of shapes and heights in these wonderfully elongated Aberdeen planters. All your friends and neighbors will compliment you (Pictured, below).


Succulents provide variety and contrast in the Aberdeen

Succulents: Variety and contrast in the Aberdeen

5. Flora and Fauna: The perfect combination

Mix a variety of plants and flowers to create a wildflower-themed
garden in any of our 7 unique planters, such as the Vertikal Micro (Outdoor). Add some floral or green ground cover—Alyssum, Phlox, Sweet Woodruff, or Brass Buttons—around the taller plants and flowers for a lush look (Pictured, below left). The combination of height and color will be a welcome aesthetic and enticing entrance on any porch.



Stand tall: Wildflowers in a yellow Vertikal Micro (Oudoor)



+ 1 more way to modernize:

Total transformation: All-in-one

These lovely large Aberdeen planters can be transformed from terraria to planter-fireburner combinations! Pretty planter. Fabulous fireburner. A perfect Aberdeen Planter Fireburner (Pictured, below).

It’s spring. Now’s the time to take your garden from bland to brilliant. These bold, beautiful planters, available as custom orders in any color of the rainbow and a variety of shapes and sizes, will perfect the planting process.

Fiery focal feature: The Aberdeen planter transforms

Fiery focal feature: The Aberdeen planter transforms



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