New! Design Your Own Planters!

Your Chance to Design Planters with Decorpro

Condo developers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, homeowners, landscape architects, cityscapers! Decorpro Home + Garden has broadened the spectrum of choices in the category of indoor-outdoor Planter solutions for any and every commercial and residential project! Could your restaurant entrance use a makeover? Does your gardenscape need a facelift? Hotel lobby in need of a modern upgrade? Cityscape need some uplifting?

We are now offering all our customers and clients the opportunity to design your own custom planters–to your own tailored specifications!


Aberdeen Planters (L 48″ X W 16″ X H 24″ ea.) flank a hotel lobby settee. One Aberdeen as long as the settee? It can be done!

Your pie-in-the-sky dreams of a planter as tall as the door to your restaurant or home, or a planter as long as the length of that magnificent flowerbed in your gardenscape,  aren’t so unrealistic anymore.


Corby Planters as tall as the front porch door? The height of your restaurant entrance? We’ll make it happen!



Customized Shapes 

Looking for a planter that exceeds all planters? Weatherproof, warrantied, available in 43 custom colors, and now, also, available as customizable shapes and sizes, Decorpro planters will surpass all your planter expectations.





The Vienna Planter (DIA 30″ X H 30.75″) can also be customized!


Customized for All-Year!

Just think, you can have it all–planters that last all-year, in any weather condition–rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sun. Without damaging. Without warping. Without splitting, and without mildew build-up.

Our design team is working on an 8′ ft.-long planter,  and accessories that will adjust the size right now! A planter based on the shape of a polygon? Another contemporary shape? We’ll take care of it!


Contact us to design your own planters to the shape and size of your choice!

Can I get a planter to fit the length of the lobby of my condo development? How about a planter to fit the dimensions of my hotel swimming pool? Yes, you can!


Call  us to customize the shape of an Athens or your own dream-come-true planter to the shape and size of your specs!

The Long and Short of It

Shown: An Athens Planter (L 29.75″ X W 29.75″ X H 30″) lounges by the pool. Want an Athens Planter to fit the length of the pool, and contoured to the shape of the pool? Something shorter? Wider?

What about a planter the length of the bar in my restaurant? A planter customized to suit the shape of my garden walkway? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. We’ll walk you through the process of customizing a look for the planters you’ve always wanted for your home, garden, or any other indoor or outdoor space. You have dreams. We’ll help you achieve them. No project too big. No project too tall.


Aberdeen and Monaco Planters grace the length of a walkway. Call us and place your special orders for any shape or size!


2014 Media Highlights!

This past year, Decorpro Home + Garden received some pretty cool media coverage in a variety of magazines–Canadian publications Retail News and InStore, as well as U.S. magazine, Log Cabin Homes. Take a look:

Retail News_July-August 2014_Four Winterproduct feature_low-res

Four Winter (far right) gets a solid spot in Retail News’ Gift & Home section.




Four Winter finds its way into Retail News

The Four Winter was a versatile addition to Retail News’ gift retailing lineup of products in the Gift & Home section, where readers found out all the cool details about the Tabletop Fireburner’s features!

InStore Magazine_Vine product feature_Fall 2014_p14_For framing_8x10

Tall cool Vine, in gunmetal grey, gets a product feature in InStore!





The Vineyard-Ready Vine

InStore Magazine proved a perfect place to emphasize the launch of the Vine, gunmetal grey, solid steel wine rack.

Wrapping up the end of the year, our Torches and Wall-Mounted Fireburners got some awesome coverage in U.S.-based, Log Cabin Homes!

Towering torches and wall-mounted fireburners show their versaility in Log Cabin Homes.







Website Makeover! 

We also updated our website with fresh, new descriptions of each of our products, to provide you with click-of-a-button access to information and ways in which each of our products can be used! Stay tuned for more website changes in 2015 to make things even easier for our customers and clients!

Please take a look here and see for yourself how we’re trying to serve you better. As always we welcome your comments, suggestions and recommendations! If you don’t tell us, we won’t know what you think! So feel free to get in touch!


Fire-N-Flame Turns Onto Decorpro

B.C.-based online retailer, Fire-N-Flame is the latest to join the roster of Decorpro Home + Garden partners offering our products to customers across North America.


Twig Sconce, as well as Twig Torch, boldly display their vibrance on the Fire-N-Flame site.


Since launching in December 2014, Fire-N-Flame had an eye on Decorpro’s range of products. Run by partners, Kristi Vanskiver and Miles Griffiths, Fire-N-Flame specializes in eco-friendly bio-ethanol fire features and fireplace accessories for indoor-outdoor spaces, a great niche for showcasing Decorpro’s contemporary tabletop fireburners, wall-mounted fireburners and torches.


The versatile Pure Wall-Mounted Fireburner dazzles on the Fire-N-Flame site.


A Perfect Match: Decorpro + Fire-N-Flame

A few months after their launch, Miles and Kristi were referred to the Decorpro website and soon realized that the Decorpro Home + Garden product line was well-matched to theirs. They’ve been carrying several of our products ever since.


Corby (Large) Planter-Fireburner is among the contemporary combinations available on Fire-N-Flame’s site.




Decorpro Fire Features on Fire-N-Flame 

Customers looking to upgrade and modernize their home with fire features can now find several of our products–such as Pure, Aberdeen Planter-FireburnerAbsolute, AllusionTwilight, and our new Vibe Sconce–on the Fire-N-Flame website.


Twilight Time at 2015 Boat Show!

Our retail partners, Teak Barn Fine Furniture highlighted some of their wicker furniture with the Twilight Tabletop Fireburner at the 2015 Toronto International Boat Show on the weekend!


Twilight is a highlight in the Teak Barn booth at the 2015 Toronto International Boat Show.



Atop a table in a ski chalet, Twilight is a tabletop delight.

Twilight Takes on the Boat Show!

The persimmon-colored fireburner was a “show stopper,” says Lisa Regan, owner of the family-run furnishing company. The colorful contemporary centerpiece was the centre of attention, atop a wicker table in the Teak Barn booth.


Teak Barn also carries the wall-mounted Twig Sconce, as well as its towering contemporary, the Twig Torch.




Tabletop Wonder: Twilight

With over 20 years of experience in the furniture business, Teak Barn carries a variety of furnishings and accessories, including our Twig Wall-Mounted Fireburner and our Twig Torch, and the Four Cottage and Four Fall Tabletop Fireburners, both of which are also on display at the Boat Show, along with our enchanting Twilight!




Teak Barn Fine Furniture Finds

To find out more about Decorpro Home + Garden products at Teak Barn Fine Furniture, visit the Teak Barn’s booth at the 2015 Toronto International Boat Show, January 10-18th at the Energy Centre, Exhibition Place!

(D10118)_Ice_Winter_Walkway_ Flames

2014 Product Launches + Highlights

After a successful close to a very busy 2014, and the return of Decorpro Home + Garden staff after a relaxing and much-needed holiday, we’re back in full force and ready for several exciting new marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and most exciting of all, new product launches!


The Vibe Sconce was one of several hot and cool new highlights last year.

As always, our customers and clients are of the utmost importance, and we always take into consideration your valuable opinions, suggestions and recommendations. Here are some 2014 highlights of new products launched last year. For the exciting things we have planned in 2015, stay tuned for our New in 2015 blog!



Aberdeen Planter-Fireburner - Launched: April 22, 2014


Aberdeen Planter-Fireburner has a warm, welcoming presence in a living area.


Combining the functional features of the Aberdeen (Large) Planter and the enticing and inviting sophistication of the Cell Micro, the Aberdeen Planter-Fireburner was the latest addition to our Planter-Fireburner series. Launching in Spring 2014,


In Burnt Orange, Aberdeen Planter-Fireburner is aglow on a poolside patio.





Aberdeen Planter-Fireburner rose to the occasion and proved a worthwhile and wonderful way to increase our Planter presence, while providing customers and clients with some cool new indoor-outdoor gardening options!



Wall-Mounted Fireburners

Vibe Sconce – Launched: August 18, 2014

A white wonder of solid steel and high gloss epoxy powder paint, Vibe Sconce is designed to look like a vase–containing a fireburner feature–that you can mount to the wall.


Vibce Sconce was a vibrant addition to our 2014 lineup.



This vibrant vision was launched in Summer, and will be complemented this year with the addition of the Cabana Tabletop Fireburner. Soon-to-come!





Ice - Launched: September 25, 2014

(D10118)_Ice_Winter Flames

Shining its beacon on a winter’s day, the Ice torch is a woodland wonder.

In the Fall, we took a look at our Torches and thought, hmm, how can we make something cooler to fit into our line of towering torches? Behold, the Ice torch! Painted in an epoxy white powder paint, Ice was a cool winter wonder that is also a perfect way to decorate weddings, parties and other events.


Home Decor

Ice Vine - Launched: October 30, 2014

Vine - Launched: October 30, 2014

(D50210)_ICE VINE_(WHITE)_ON_WALL2_lo res

A perfect pair: Ice Vine wine racks, mounted, are useful and contemporary.



Since our Planter-Fireburners, Torches, and Wall-Mounted Fireburners saw some functional and fitting new additions, we figured we’d introduce some new options to our Home Decor section.


Vine was launched as an accompaniment to Ice Vine.



Ice Vine, in white, and the accompanying gunmetal grey Vine were launched, together, at the end of October, just one day before Halloween! Two cool new treats, both of which can be wall-mounted, without a Base, or freestanding, with a Base!




Glacier Ice - Launched: 
November 28, 2014                                                                                                 

(D10310)_GLACIER ICE Waterfront_lo res

The launch of the Glacier Ice torch soon followed the launch of the Ice torch!


In mid-Winter 2014, we considered the addition of a gunmetal grey epoxy-coated torch to complement the Ice. The Glacier Ice Torch was launched. A great year-round accent piece.



XPress Gunmetal Grey – Launched: December 16, 2014


You contacted us! We listened! Per a client’s suggestions, we launched the XPress Mailbox, in gunmetal grey.



You asked! We answered! Towards the end of 2014, one of our customers suggested that we make the XPress Mailbox in gunmetal grey, adding a fifth color to the existing finishes–white, red, bronze and black. So we did!




Besides all these great new products, as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions and are excited to have our team of home and garden professionals on hand to answer any of your questions!

D50210_Ice VINE_WHITE_ON_WALL2_lo-res

The Vine for Wine! InStore Magazine!

On top of trends for indoor-outdoor decorating as we approach Winter 2014, InStore Magazine editors have their fingers on the pulse, and have published a product feature about Vine, one of Decorpro Home + Garden’s newest products! Don’t take our word for it. Read InStore Magazine’s piece here:

InStore Media Release

InStore Magazine’s top trends for fall 2014: Decorpro Home + Garden’s Vine wine rack hits a high note!

The Great Vine circulates In Store Magazine’s Grape Vine

At the turn of the fall season, the timing couldn’t be better for InStore Magazine to publish a product feature about Vine, a cool, contemporary wine rack for modern times.


Let gunmetal grey point the way: The Vine’s contemporary cool wall-mounted option.



Available as a freestanding rack, with a Base, or as a wall-mount, without a Base, Vine is vineyard ready and the perfect party pleaser for wine-and-cheese events this holiday season and throughout the year. Also available: The Ice Vine, in white.




Ice Vine: White Vine for white wine, and more!


Finally, Fuel-Free Fire!

Fire without the Fire

New to launch in the New Year, Aqua Flame is a boldly innovative and conservationist brainchild in home and garden decor. Here’s proof:

Aqua Fire: Waking up the Walls

Smart and beautiful, this incredible fire feature has a leading edge on indoor fireplaces. Creating the stunning, realistic impression of a sepia-toned fire, Aqua Flame is powered by lights and fueled by water. The harmless, toxic-free fire that you can actually touch–without getting burned.



Warm and wonderful:  Aqua Flame and Castello (both available in January) are cool comfort in the bedroom.


Aqua Flame: The Wise and Wonderful Choice

A wonderfully safe alternative to wood-burning and gas-utilizing fireplaces, Aqua Flame conserves energy, producing 90% less CO2 than the average direct vent gas fireplace, and  runs on one litre of water, which creates a misty, visible vapor.


Wall-to-Wall Wonder

Combined with halogen lights, the vapor emits the illusion of a natural fire, without the fire, for up to 14 hours.


Creative combo: Aqua Flame and Castello. The fuel-free fireplace and the custom contemporary wall unit.


Cool and Contemporary 

This safe, cool ‘fire’ feature option will be available in January, as well as a full range of new, contemporary products.





This is what is meant by a feature wall. The modern magnitude of the Castello, doubled for effect, meets the toxic-free Aqua Flame fireplace.

Add it Up

Additional options such as Castello, a wall unit of magnitude and presence, will also be available at the start of the new year.


For media and customer inquires about these exciting new products–Aqua Flame and Castello–please contact:

Anastasia Silva
Marketing Coordinator
Decorpro Home + Garden

If you would like to pre-order this product, or learn more about our exciting new furnishings and decor, please contact:

Pippa Hildred
Sales Director
Decorpro Home + Garden


Front Porch Planter Perfection

One more month and there will probably be snow on the ground. Don’t stress. Your garden can remain, unharmed, all year. Decorpro Home + Garden’s series of  Planters are warp-resistant, split-resistant and mildew-resistant. Available in several shapes and sizes, and in 43 bold, beautiful colors, these planters are just what your garden needs to beat the dreary doldrums of winter weather and everyday wear and tear. Indoors and outdoors.

Warrantied for Wear, Tear, and Weather

Lifetime warrantied, Decorpro Home + Garden planters are made of a food-grade, polymer-based, ultra durable fiberglass resin.


Oh Vienna. A (Large) Vienna planter is adorned with a wreath of berries to suit the winter holidays.


All-Season Seamlessness

Seamless in construction, and resistant to any weather condition–rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sun–our planters are guaranteed to last, in winter, spring, summer and fall.


Awaken the fall mood and celebrate the beauty of your garden’s greatness by following these fast, effective tips:

Achieve Porch Perfection with Perfect Planters

Select an area of your front or back yard, such as the front porch or patio. Contrast the colors of early fall and late autumn by adding two statement pieces. The (Large) Corby Planters, in black, are a wonderful way to add height and symmetry to a front garden.


Tremendous twosomes. Two (Large) Corby planters, in black, are perfectly paired at the base of the steps.




Line one on either end of the steps. Guests’ eyes will invariably be drawn to the entranceway. Add manicured, lush topiaries whose round shape contrasts sharply with the linear lines of the Corby. Transformation complete.



Create a Grand, Gorgeous Entrance

For a harmonious and continuous look, add two Vertikal Micro (Outdoor) terrarium-fireburner combinations at the top of the stairs, directly in front of the entrance, again, on either side, coordinating the placement with the location of the planters at the base of the stairs.



Vertical vibrancy with two Vertikal Micro (Outdoor) planters for balanced beauty.



Although contrasting or complementary colors will create a more unique and interesting look, use two of the same colors for balance. A pair of Vertikal Micro (Outdoor) stands, in black, will add elegance and sophistication at the entrance.

To complete the look, add a bright floral pop of color inside the tempered glass Cell Micro Tabletop Fireburner that sits, elegantly, atop each of the stands. Joyful yellow chrysanthemums are a nice touch.


This fall / winter, think about the changing weather conditions and how your decor choices can suit your indoor, as well as outdoor home and garden design objectives. There’s lots to choose from in Decorpro Home + Garden’s range of furnishings, decor and accessories, so choose wisely.





Let there be Light: Log Cabin Homes!

Lighting the way in home and garden lighting solutions and alternative lighting decor for indoor and outdoor use, trend-setting U.S.-based magazine, Log Cabin Homes (Homestead Communications Corp.) has published an editorial product feature, in recognition of Decorpro Home + Garden’s contemporary line of solid steel torches. Take a look at the feature, here:

Log Cabin Homes_Low res

Log Cabin Homes features Decorpro Torches and Wall-Mounted Fireburners




Home, Sweet Home

Displaying several of our range of Torches and Wall-Mounted Fireburners, the feature touches on style, functionality, indoor and outdoor use, and the quality materials that Decorpro products are made of.


Standing by: The patterned Twig torch complements the rustic wicker chair.







Carrying a Flame

Widely distributed throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally, Log Cabin Homes’ coverage of Decorpro Home + Garden’s smart and sexy torches and sconces is stylish, sophisticated, and informative.


Up close and personal: The swirling, sexy sophistication of the Volution adds elegance, poolside.






Far and Away

Serving a readership that enjoys the great outdoors and is always seeking new and innovative ways to modernize and coordinate their outdoor spaces, Log Cabin Homes’ feature provides this unique demographic of outdoor enthusiasts with decor solutions that will update, complement and enhance their outdoor environment, as well as their indoor rooms.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

I Heard it Through the Great Vine

I’ll Drink to That! Decorating with the Vine–New Product!
Part 3

In Part Three of Decorpro’s three-part series on vineyard decorating, we’ll take you for a tour of the Vine, the newest and coolest decorative way to display and present all those wine bottles!


VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

The Vine’s grapevine shape is a great Vine for wine storage

Wining and Dining with the Vine

Wine lovers unite. Decorpro Home + Garden gives you more than perfect pairings, bouquet and body to talk about at those fancy wine-and-cheese and wine-tasting events. The Vine. A perfect way to store those beautiful bottles of Bordeaux, those charming Chardonnays, and those robust Rosées.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

Angled nooks are customized for perfect presentation of wine bottles throughout the Vine’s body

Body Talk

Sleek, stylish solid steel construction. Cylindrical shape.

Party Presentation

Alternating angled nooks for presenting and storing bottles at varying heights, throughout the body of the Vine.

Options Galore

Available in gunmetal gray or white epoxy powder coat as a freestanding Vine (with Base), or as a wall-mounted Vine.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro _GUNMETAL_GREY_ONBASE

Slender and sleek, the Vine is available as a freestanding rack (with Base), or as a mountable option

Glamourous Wine Storage: Brigitte Bordeaux and Charlize Chardonnay

Wine season doesn’t have to end at the start of the fall. The Vine is a great way to display your wine bottles throughout the year. Freestanding (with Base), or mountable to a wall, the Vine is a perfect match for any wine bottle, and can be used at any home and garden event, business function, wedding, or vineyard soirée. The Vine for wine. A glamourous, elegant way to wine rack it up.

VINE Wine Holder by decorpro in white and Gunmetal Grey

Take your pick: White Vine or Gunmetal Gray